Starting a Business can be intimidating AF… but it doesn’t have to!

As a serial entrepreneur we have started several businesses over the years learning the through experience what worked, mostly the hard way, for until we found our flow. A flow that allowed us to ELEVATE our business in the communities in which we serve. A flow that was simple, reproducible and demonstrated results.

About us

For the last decade plus we have been supporting entrepreneurs across the country to launch, grow and build the business of their dreams with this simple framework.

And now we want to share it with you…

Co-Creators of Elevate
Lauren Tancredi and Rae Carmen

Welcome to the New World of Entreprenuership!

The world is changing. The way people do business is changing. There is no time like the present to bring your dream to reality.  

It can be simple and more importantly it can be fun!

That’s why we created Elevate Biz Method, an 8-week program to bring your business concept into reality!

We see so many entrepreneurs are struggling to

  • Attract the people they desire to work with
  • Share their vision in a meaningful and impactful way
  • Generate recurring predictable income
  • Engage with, follow up and convert potential clients or customers
  • Design an experience using technology to support long term growth and outcomes

We Get It! We’ve Been There!

We have flopped, failed and got up and did it again, again and again- until it took on a life of its own.

The secret to making it all happen… Well, we could not have done it without the support of our community.  A space for feedback, encouragement, support and celebration to remind us why we started in the first place. Now we want to support you in doing the same.

Who we help…

  • Entrepreneurs with a vision on their heart who are serious about bringing their dream into reality
  • Part Time Hustlers who are eager to go all in and build a thriving, sustainable business
  • Health and Wellness Practitioners who want to impact the communities in which they serve.
  • Professionals and Experts who are ready to leave the grind and share their gifts with the world
  • Coaches who are ready to share the joy and freedom that is possible in this lifetime.

Unleash Your Limitless Potential

Elevate your Business. Elevate your Life